About Peppino Gargano


The crisp crackle of a loaf being broken, the joyful bubbling of Prosecco being poured, the contagious laughter around the family table: this is at the heart of celebrated chef Peppino Gargano’s cooking. Peppino grew up in Sicily, learning the art of cooking and the importance of breaking bread together at the family table at an early age. He’s been cooking ever since.

As chef and owner of the renowned Peppino’s Restaurant—opened in 1974–he had the pleasure of bringing his soulful style of Italian home cooking to his clients. Now he’s thrilled to bring his homemade pasta sauces and meal-starters to your table.  These products are hand-crafted by Peppino himself with high quality ingredients….and of course, lots of love! Try them out and bring the Peppino’s restaurant experience home to your family. From our family to yours. Buon Appetito!9345776327_8539b956e3_o

Available locally in Madison, Wisconsin at Hy-Vee-Fitchburg + West, Metcalfe’s Markets -Hilldale and Gino’s Italian Deli’s-Middleton + Verona Road locations.

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